Friday, August 11, 2017

Why Do We Do What We Do?

Why Do People Get Pets? 

  Most people who know me know I am a huge animal lover.  Recently my friends' daughter asked me the above statement "Why do people get pets?  Great question I said, and quickly replied because they love animals.  Short to the point answer for a small child assuming she would be satisfied, and she was.  However, while driving home I couldn't help but think of her question.  I know just like you all know the answer isn't that complex there are many reasons people get pets.

      I myself have always loved and worked with animals, but that doesn't mean I owned any.  Because the truth is ( I didn't).  Growing up my family always had cats I loved cuddling with them. Yet I dreaded feeding time "their food smelled horrible" I  despised cleaning their litter box, how disgusting.  I saw how much owning the 5+ cats at one time cost my parents. When I saw the heartbreak that overtook my mother when one of her fur babies died, I decided to have pets was not for me.

      As I grew up I couldn't avoid my passion to work with animals and their owners.  Still, I didn't own any, having children, working, and continuing college helped with that decision. Until, I fostered my first cat, which I reluctantly accepted to do, a favor for the shelter I worked at.  Everyone said it would be a great learning experience for my children.