Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Giving the Gift of Love

Not everyone who loves animals can have or afford one. This is a wonderful invention for those people who want to feel the love and companionship of a pet. My Grandmother was one of the biggest animal lovers I know especially for her cats. A few years back she got very sick and was admitted to the hospital. It broke her heart to leave her animals behind.They sat curled up in a chair with her as she watched tv or read a book, and every night they all laid in formation on her side so she could pat them all . As my grandmothers health weakened it was clear she was never coming home. So my mother wanted to lessen my grandmothers sorrow she felt from longing to feel the comfort only her animals could give her. So she bought her a stuffed animal cat that felt almost like a real cat. She absolutely loved it, I can only imagine if these robot cats were around when my nana was dying how much more she would have loved them. Please help me improve me content by leaving a comment below. Thanks for visiting, Cheers!