Monday, May 1, 2017

WHOOHOO!! May is here :: It's National Pet Month!

Hello Friends,

  It's always a struggle for me when it comes to feeding my Leigon.  Just when I think we've found an all natural grain free wet food, one that won't upset his belly or skin, it happens. The itching starts, not just his body but also his face and ears will get red. Usually this will happen within the first week of a new food.  Sometimes he's gone as long as a whole year without any reactions.

   Leigon isn't just sensitive, he is also picky! Which only adds to the never ending battle of what to top his dry food with. But I love him so, and after 6 years of struggling I've given into the fact that this will probably be a life long struggle with him. To be honest if this is the only lingering problem I have to deal with, he is definitely more than worth it.

  So, one food I wanted to share with you that I have been using for about 2 months  now with no reactions thus far is Power Stew by "Only Natural Pet".
250x250 Canned Dog Food Banner   It is a holistic all natural grain and gluten free. Perfect, right? The best part that I wanted to share with you is not only is the price very reasonable, this month being National Pet Month they are offering so many amazing deals not just on food. Hope you take the time to check them out you won't be disappointed.


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