Saturday, July 29, 2017

Top 5 Essentials For Traveling with Your Dog

Traveling With Your Furry Friend.

      Summer is here!  The excitement of that much needed vacation is right around the corner.  If your like most of us, we packing in our heads at least 2 weeks ahead of time.  Yet don't don the actual packing until days before, if not the night before leaving.  Why?  Who knows?  Honestly it's ridiculous the extra stress we add to ourselves when we decide to take a trip.  That once we do finally reach our point of relaxation we are over exhausted.

      In this post I have put the top 5 must haves for your furry friend that you can for obvious reasons pack at the very end. However I'm also adding a handy list of what to be sure is packed.  Whether your traveling by car, plane ,train or boat you will need the top 5.

  • 1.  Their Dog Collar:  Might seem obvious, but if you have free roam dogs like mine you could accidently leave it hanging by the door when loading the pups in the car. (I know I have, quite a few times on Road Trips to. TN)

  • 2.  Their own Water Bowl:  I know what your thinking, "another no brainer" or "no biggie you could use a cup.  But if your dog is anything like mine whitout "HIS" own water bowl I swear he would die of thirst.

  • 3. Their Vaccination List : This is essential, Not only is it proof of ownership it shows your dog is current on the rabies and other must have vaccines. (I have honestly forget mine more than once) "Thank God for Fax Machines"  

  • 4.  Their own Bed or Blanket : Long distance in your own car may not seem all to bad because it is familiar.  However some dogs will get car sick after awhile from being anxious.  These 2 things are familiar calming smells to them. After all  planes, trains, or boats, are all unfamiliar smells and sounds for your dog.  So you want to help your dog remain as calm as possible.  After all they don't fully understand this trip is "all for fun".

  • 5.  Their Food :  To be honest even I laughed at this one.  Until I had to drive out of my way on my long drive to Tennessee.  Not only was it a pain to stop but I had to find a store that sold "My Dogs" brand of food.
      Below is an extensive list you can print detailing all suggestions to pack with a list of Pet friendly Hotels and airfare rates for dogs.

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