Sunday, July 23, 2017

Where Did Dora Go?

      Anyone who knows me will tell you I am an avid pet lover.  Like anyone, I do what is necessary to me to make my pets as happy and healthy as possible.  Or so I thought, Until that horrible day 3 years ago May.

      This is Dora, she's not an ordinary cat (I know most pet owners say that about their animals).  But Dora is unique to me, I think she truly feels she is partly a dog. What I mean is that every day when breakfast is done she races to the door first and rings the bell to go out.  (Lol, Yes I have a bell hanging on my door)My dogs are all trained to ring it with their nose when they need to go out.  She is the leader always in front of the dogs on our daily walks.  Because of this, I made sure she was microchipped in case she ever went missing.  I was confident that this was enough.

      On that day, however, a bunny in the neighbors' yard caught her eye and she scurried off.  I didn't worry much because she would usually just run back to the house and be there waiting when I came back with the dogs.  But she wasn't there, Why? I wasn't sure. I still wasn't worried yet.  Until dinner time rolled around and she still wasn't home I began to worry.  After dinner I walked the dogs again and called to Dora in hopes she would jump out of a bush and continue being a leader of our pack. But NOTHING!